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Life Long Learning Program Leonardo da Vinci

Transfer of Innovation
PROJECT NUMBER: LLP-LdV-ToI-2013-RO-005/2013

Improved curricula and modern learning system to promote the new directions of business enhancement in life sciences applications, Acronym: BELA.

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Our Motto

I am convinced that only true entrepreneurs can start life sciences companies....this is because they do not just see problems, they envision an endless number of solutions to any given situation

Shimasaki, Craig D. „The business of bioscience” 2009

About the Project

Due to the increasingly ageing population and the demand for improved quality of life, the life sciences sector has strong growth potential (8.3% growth in 2007), the sustainable development applications being of utmost interest. But most of the countries recently entered the European Union, with real academic base in Life Sciences, and with an important request towards business of added value, lack of competences and skills to develop innovative companies in the domain.

In Romania and other EU countries there are still a small number of innovative SMEs in life sciences for two main reasons: low level of financial funds and lack of entrepreneurial spirit of the young specialists.

So the project is addressed to a comprehensive target group of people in need of developing competences in Entrepreneurship for a specific, complex, and involving high scientific and technical knowledge economic sector: sustainable development applications bio economy.


If you belong in the category of the target group please fill in the this Questionaire