I. Identification

1.Name and surname

2.Affiliation and position in the institution

3.Education level and specialization


4. Category of target group, to choose from the followings (please mark with)

a) Young entrepreneurs involved in life sciences business and interested in promoting sustainable development applications yes
b) Young scientists preparing to pass from the research field to the business sector by developing start-up companies yes
c) Young educators involved in teaching entrepreneurship and sustainable development applied to life sciences yes

5. Sex (Please mark with )


6. Age

-Exact Age

7. How would you describe your situation (please mark with)

- You are currently taking steps to start a new business or you are interested in developing an innovative business in bio economic sector yes
- You have started or taken over a business in the last three years which is still active today yes
- You started or took over a business more than three years ago and it’s still active yes
- Once started a business, but currently you are no longer an entrepreneur since business has failed yes
- Once started a business, but currently you are no longer an entrepreneur since business was sold, transferred or closed yes
-Refusal/no answer yes

II. Personality characterization
Do you strongly agree, agree, disagree or strongly disagree with the following statements?
Please answer to each question by using the following number scale, with the meaning:

- strongly agree 1
- agree 2
- disagree 3
- strongly disagree 4
- refusal/no answer 5

Please answer marking with , the chosen number 1 2 3 4 5
a) In general, I am willing to take risks 12345
b) Generally, when facing difficult tasks, I am certain that I will accomplish them 12345
c) My life is determined by my own actions, not by others or by chance 12345
d) If I have a technical / business idea, I like to be independent in thought and action to develop it 12345
e) The possibility of being rejected by others for standing up for my decisions would not stop me 12345
f) I am an inventive person who has ideas 12345
g) I am optimistic about my future 12345
h) I like situations in which I compete with others 12345
i) I am often appreciated and encouraged by others due to my daring and well organized ideas and plans 12345
j) I have the capacity to communicate my ideas 12345
k) I have a dense social and professional network to assist in translating new technologies to the market 12345
l) I am able to manage well enough new projects and developing of a company 12345
m) I am able to lead people with diverse backgrounds, professions or personalities 12345
n) I have the ability to work effectively in multi and cross-disciplinary teams 12345
o) I am good at adapting to changing circumstances 12345

III. Bio entrepreneur competences characterization

1. Technical Skills

Knowledge and understanding

Please answer to each question by underlying the chosen number with , the number scale being the same as in chapter II.

1 2 3 4 5
Are you in need of deeper knowledge about technologies to generate products and services in the bio economic sector? 12345
Are you interested to have deeper knowledge about industrial life sciences sustainable applications? 12345
Do you consider as necessary the proper knowledge and understanding of Intellectual Property rights specific to the bio economic sector? 12345
Are you in need of knowledge about multi disciplinary and cross disciplinary characteristics of the life sciences? 12345
Are you able to express knowledge of the importance of life sciences research within the innovation process 12345

2. Management and Business knowledge and skills

Judgment and approach

Please answer to each question by underlying the chosen number with ,the number scale being the same as in chapter II.

Please answer marking with , the chosen number 1 2 3 4 5
Are you in need of adequate knowledge regarding projects’ financial evaluation? 12345
Do you consider as important: the technical, practical and ethical issues for using management and analysis tools within life sciences companies (business plan, inter-company cooperation and cooperation between companies and academia, business intelligence, the management role, building organizations, staff issues, the environment, NGO’s role)? 12345
Are you interested to know how to get access to financing, especially long-term and venture capital financing, as it is a big challenge for R & D, innovation, and science-based companies, where the inherent risk of innovation is high? 12345
Do you consider as useful deeper knowledge and understanding to assess the market of a product and payment mechanisms within the field of life sciences sustainable applications industry? 12345
Are you in need of manufacturing and commercialization capabilities and sale agreements making? 12345
Do you consider as important in-depth knowledge and an understanding of economic and social models or regulatory issues and the requirements of authorities from a national and international perspective? 12345

Skills and abilities
Please choose a mark from 1 to 5, with the increasing importance in the same direction, for the following skills and abilities of a bio entrepreneur (please answer marking with , the corresponding number):

Skill/ability Importance
1 2 3 4 5
To communicate and participate / organize professional / social /business networks 12345
To feel business opportunity based on an innovation process 12345
To take initiatives 12345
To quickly analyze data and make decisions 12345
Be forward looking and think creatively 12345
Determined to be independent 12345
To make judgment based on limited information 12345
To persuade others 12345
To work hard and independently 12345
To manage projects holistically 12345
To be oriented to achieve 12345
To have imaginative use of knowledge 12345
To direct and lead R & D activities 12345