Institutul Naţional de Cercetare – Dezvoltare pentru Chimie şi Petrochimie

The National Institute for Research & Development in Chemistry and Petrochemistry (

Bucharest, ROMANIA

ICECHIM-The National Research and Development Institute in Chemistry and Petroleum Chemistry is mainly oriented towards the research, consulting and formation activities, its technological priorities being in connection with the sustainable development.

ICECHIM Biotechnology Department ( is involved in:

a) applied research in the sustainable development life sciences (preparation of bio therapeutic products, fertilizers or biofuels, environment bioprotection and remediation)

b) bioanalysis methods for the control of biotechnological products and procedures

c) vocational training in the field of biotechnology and bioanalysis.

ICECHIM is the applicant coordinator, able to assure the project technical and financial management, and to coordinate the quality management plan, and the project valorization. P0 is the leader of the steering committee, assures the partnership’ communication, reporting, planning and monitoring; organizes the kick-off meeting, and is involved in the organization of other consortium meetings, and the final valorization meetings. P0 coordinates the analysis of the survey results regarding the needed competences, but also the realization of the curricula and contents. The partner does the subcontracting for the e-learning platform, the printing of the curricula and contents (RO & ENG), assure the certification of competences matrix, the realization of the project brochure & flyer. P0 is responsible for presenting the results to the stakeholders and economic authorities and coordinates the internal &external evaluation.