Universitatea de Științe Agronomice și Medicină Veterinară

University of Agronomic Science and Veterinary Medicine (www.usamv.ro)

Bucharest, ROMANIA

The University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest (UASVMB) is one of the oldest education institutions in Romania (1852). Along the 157 years of its existence, USAMVB underwent multiple transformations, but a constant feature of the activity was the focus on high-performance education. Nowadays, the University with 7 faculties is a modern education institution with all the forms of higher education, ranging from BSc, to MSc and PhD studies, and organizing specific vocational training.

The Faculty of Biotechnology provides highly skilled engineers in the areas of Agricultural, Industrial and Veterinary Medicine Biotechnology. The Faculty of Biotechnology also offers postgraduate programs, leading to Master of Sciences degree in the already mentioned domains, but also in Environment Protection/Sustainable biotechnology and vocational training for the engineers interested to upgrade their competences in accordance with now-a-days knowledge.

UASMVB is a core partner who offers the needed expertise in learning methodologies, but also in Sustainable Development applications of Life Sciences to enhance the competences of the ICECHIM team in the field.

It participates to all the activities to be done in Romania, including the survey to determine the competences matrix to be developed by the proposed learning curricula, and contents, the elaboration of the curricula and learning products, the translation of the products in RO or ENG, the choice of the e-learning methodology, but also of the whole blended learning system. USAMVB is responsible for WP 5-Pilot training of the learning products implemented by blended learning methodologies due to the achieved expertise and co responsible of WP 3-Analysis and evaluation of the competence needs of the target groups. It participates to the valorization activities and the organization of the meetings from RO.