The principal dissemination-valorization activities consist in:

  1. Partnership meetings with the target group and end users participation;
  2. Pilot training of BELA formation system on the three categories of the target group people;
  3. EU & National relevant end users and stakeholder contact database (ENG);
  4. 10 Dissemination seminars in RO, FR and LT;
  5. 4 E-letters addressed to the project target-groups, end users and stakeholders presenting the project objectives, partnership, outcomes (ENG, RO, LT, FR);
  6. 3 Press releases in news or scientific journals about project objectives, consortium, results, products, methodologies (RO, LT, FR);
  7. 11 Participations to national/international workshops and symposia to disseminate project results and products;
  8. Realization of the project web site;
  9. Creation of visual identity, with leaflet, poster, banner, postcards, promotion toolkit in the 4 languages;
  10. 3 Presentations of BELA training system in specialized European networks, participations on social platforms of discussions, realization of active Facebook and Twitter pages..    


E-letter 1

E-letter 2

E-letter 3

E-letter 4

Dissemination EN+RO

Dissemination EN+FR

Dissemination EN+LT

AGENDA E Comm Line 2014 V1

Agenda Conference of Adult Education CIEA 2014

Agenda International Conference Agriculture for Life 2014

Agenda International Symposium PRIORICHEM 2014

Agenda of International Symposium PRIORICHEM 2013

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